Door Prizes

Be part of the fun ... donate a door prize. Your generous gift will be given out during the event and you will be applauded, identified and included in the post event social media and email marketing.

Gift Giving Guidelines:

  • Must be a real give - no discounts or multiple order requirements.
  • Must have a minimum retail value of $100
  • Cannot be bottles of alcohol or tobacco products, although LCBO gift cards are acceptable.
  • Tangible gifts and "visible" gifts are best because they LOOK better during the giveaway.
    • If you want to give a certificate or gift card, put it in a basket with some paper, dress it up a little. It's a good photo opportunity too (hint hint)

NOTE: We cannot store gifts in advance so please bring them on the day and hand them in at registration along with a printed note with your NAME, COMPANY and TAGLINE/USP so we can easily read out the details of your awesomeness!